Website of an international shipping company


Create an international website that can calculate the cost and plot routes for the delivery of various goods. Client side of the application needed to have a personal account with the ability of saving queries and results. Showing a list of employees and their requests for all periods of work in the company.


We decided to choose Zend framework as the main back end technology. For the front end we used AngularJS. At the very beginning we faced a problem with costs calculation which we solved using aggregation from third-party APIs.
We used employee data such as affiliation to a certain company during an exact period of time and subsequent sampling of these requests from the database to get the correct information about workers.
The company can create an opportunity for an employee to work in several companies. We used default component PRG from Zend Framework to prevent re-sending of the data by an employee in order to avoid unnecessary additional load on the server. This approach reduced the amount of data sent to the server in case of insufficient amount of mandatory information in the form.


We’ve built a high-load system that quickly copes with information flows, and shows illustrative  statistics ofwork  data. This new product has helped the client to get new investments, and sign lucrative contracts with logistics companies.