Multi-level CRM-system


Development of a flexible CRM system with numerous plug-ins in accordance with the needs of the client’s partners. These included organization of shipping tracking, workflow, time tracking, project management, asynchronous data loading, processing of large files in Excel format with prices without the need for the user to interact with the page. System required real time notifications and consecutive data updates on the landing page.


Once again we opted for Symfony framework. Using standard tools such as Symfony Forms helped us save a lot of time for the client, and allowed us to build a flexible and easily manageable system. Server-side rendering simplified the task of displaying data on the page. Such approach  allowed us to not perform display implementation on the front-end side since it was on jQuery, so we could break the templates containing information into smaller ones and use them in different places. This solution simplified the work for new members of the development team, as well as the readability of the code, and its management.


Our client received a highly flexible system where his partners can easily connect to a necessary set of tools in accordance with their tasks, as well as add employees and manage them. CRM system supports automatic data refresh after saving any type of data without reloading the page. This functionality allowed our client to attract investors and scale up his business.